EFT for Food Allergies, Seasonal Allergies, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Have you been told that:

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The fact is, your body can heal itself from allergies and sensitivities, including MCS, without medication or lengthy desensitization processes. Using EFT -- an easy to use mind/body method involving gentle fingertip tapping on all the major acupressure meridian points on the face and hands -- you can balance your body’s energy system, reprogramming the immune system to reduce or eliminate reactions to foods and chemicals. EFT can be safely combined with Dynamic Neural Retraining System or the Gupta Programme.

Because you can tap your own energy meridians in EFT, guided sessions are just as effective by phone or internet chat as they are in person. Many clients appreciate the convenience and privacy of phone and online sessions.

When used as part of your overall health care plan, EFT can help with:

EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques/“Tapping” does NOT diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, including allergies and MCS. Instead, EFT enables you to accelerate your wellness journey by using the mind-body connection to balance your energy system. EFT is not meant to replace other conventional and alternative medical care; rather, it is an outstanding addition to other treatment modalities. We strongly encourage our clients to combine EFT with visits to one or more other health care providers such as a nutritionist, naturopathic physician, homeopathic physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, functional medicine doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, orthomolecular psychiatrist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc.

EFT for Food Allergies

Regardless of whether you have just one or two allergy foods or seem to be “allergic to everything”, EFT can provide drug-free relief. Many times allergies that were expected to last a lifetime can be cleared, and (after a brief avoidance period that varies from person to person) former allergen foods may be able to be reintroduced without any adverse affects.

EFT can help all kinds of food allergies and food sensitivities, but is especially effective for delayed-reaction food allergies. EFT allows you to target each allergen individually, letting your body know that substance is safe. If your doctor is willing to do comprehensive blood allergy tests, don’t miss the opportunity to get this helpful information. Having blood tests for immediate-reaction and delayed-reaction allergies before you begin EFT, and repeating the test from the same lab several months after beginning EFT for allergies is often enlightening. If you have already had allergy testing done, be sure to email EFT for Allergies your results before your session, as this is a great place to start. If you are experienced and comfortable with muscle testing, we can incorporate those results as well. Muscle testing often has a low correlation with blood test results. This doesn’t mean the muscle testing results are “wrong”, just that they are measuring something different than the bloodwork. EFT can also focus on the symptoms caused by allergens, as well as the allergy food itself.

While releasing your allergies with EFT, it is very important not to introduce additional toxic substances to the body. This means avoiding known neurotoxins like the artificial sweeteners aspartame and sucralose.

EFT for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

While EFT is NOT a cure for MCS, it is an extremely empowering addition to any other health care you are receiving. Now you can take charge of reducing your own symptoms, identifying triggering substances, and improving your quality of life, harnessing your body’s intrinsic ability to heal. Because MCS is a physical disease, we can use Tapping to target the specific substances that you already know you are sensitive to, as well as the types of reactions they trigger. (If you are doing DNRS or other similar programs and need to avoid thinking or tapping about symptoms, EFT can still target many other aspects of MCS.) EFT can also be used to reduce the stress, anger, and frustration caused by having MCS, and replace them with peace and confidence. The fact that EFT can be used to address emotional as well as physical aspects of MCS does not mean, however, that MCS is “all in your head”! For example, hypertension can also be influenced by stress. However, no one doubts that it is a clearly measurable, physical disease that requires proper medical attention. Nor does anyone suggest to hypertension patients that the problem is in their imagination. MCS is just as real.

EFT and Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

Although delayed-reaction food allergies are among the most dangerous, traditional allergy testing only looks for immediate-reaction allergens. Therefore, a combination of muscle testing for sensitivities and blood tests for delayed-reaction allergies (like those provided by Great Plains Laboratory or Metametrix Clinical Laboratory). Comprehensive blood allergy tests can only be ordered by health care professionals. Unfortunately, many insurance providers to not cover this cutting-edge testing, and many doctors are unfamiliar with them. If you choose to include blood tests as a measure of your progress in recovering from allergies with EFT, take the time to find a doctor who is up to date in this area, and will patiently and respectfully work with you.

The only type of testing we don’t recommend is the elimination diet. It’s not very effective for finding delayed-reaction allergies, and is extremely dangerous for immediate-reaction/anaphylactic allergens, which should never be reintroduced to your diet without your doctor’s supervision. Anectodal evidence suggests some patients actually get worse after completing elimination diets, in that they can tolerate less foods or develop more impaired digestion. Even if the diet itself doesn’t adversely affect you, valuable time is wasted. Elimination diets can take months, whereas you would get your (more accurate) blood test results much more quickly.

EFT and Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, not an allergy. Therefore, attempting to clear allergies to foods like wheat or gluten is not helpful. Celiacs should never reintroduce these foods into their diet. Adding back gluten grains will cause intenstinal damage for celiac patients, even if these foods seem to show up as no longer being allergens according to muscle testing or allergy blood tests. However, EFT can improve quality of life for celiacs by clearing allergies to foods other than gluten, allowing greater variety in the diet, as non-gluten former allergens are often able to be reintroduced. EFT can also provide tremendous relief for the stress and other negative emotions that many celiacs understandably experience.

EFT and anaphylactic reactions to allergens

Some allergies to foods and medications are so severe that they cause anaphylactic shock. While EFT has provided impressive results for some patients with a history of anaphylactic shock reactions to allergens, you should never reintroduce these foods except under your doctor’s supervision! Not even if they show up as “cleared” according to muscle testing or allergy blood tests. A more reasonable approach is to try to desensitize these foods and substances with EFT in the hope that the next time you are accidentally exposed to the food or chemical, the reaction may be less severe. While many people have reported EFT helped reduce such reactions, there is no guarantee that EFT would prevent an anaphylactic reaction for you, so remember that EFT is not a substitute for ordinary first-aid precautions.

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Although we offer a variety of paid sessions and classes, we believe the opportunity to heal oneself from allergies and sensitivities should be available to all. At EFT Universe, the official site of EFT, you can download the complete EFT manual that teaches all the basics for free. There are also many free, short, streaming videos and articles which contain actual case studies (not just testimonials). There is no reason to suffer another day from you allergies - you can start your recovery today at eftuniverse.com. Also be sure to Email EFT for Allergies for your complimentary 1 hour consultation and EFT demonstration today! (Your session will be by regular phone or Skype video chat.)


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