EFT Session and Class Fees

All sessions are one hour.

Payment is due the day of the session. You can pay with credit cards through PayPal here on the website. (We are unable to take credit cards in person.) The rates are the same for phone or internet (Skype) sessions. Email us with any questions.

Free sessions! For every person you refer who buys a package of at least 8 sessions, you get one free hour!

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Private Sessions
1 session ($100/hour) $100
8 sessions ($95/hour) $760
32 sessions ($90/hour) $2,880
DISCOUNTED Private Sessions (Unemployed/on Disability)
4 Sessions ($25/hour)$100
12 Sessions ($22/hour)$264
20 Sessions ($20/hour)$400
Small Group Classes
1 class ($55/hour PER PERSON) $55
4 classes ($50/hour PER PERSON) $200